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What we test for: Iron, PH, Hardness, Nitrates, T.D.S., Taste & Odor, and Iron Bacteria.
FREE Water Analysis

W.E.T. - Water Efficient Technology

Do you prefer your water wet?

We all know water is wet.

But to us W.E.T. stands for Water Efficient Technology. It’s a technology that allows a water conditioner or softener to use only the amount of water it needs to clean itself and nothing more. No other water treatment system can deliver the advantages this technology has to offer.

Consider the savings our patented process can offer you and the environment:

  • Saves on water — from 1∕3 to 1⁄2 as compared to traditional technology!
  • Saves on energy
  • Saves you money

Call us to discover how you too can truly enjoy all the efficiencies this technology has to offer!