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What we test for: Iron, PH, Hardness, Nitrates, T.D.S., Taste & Odor, and Iron Bacteria.
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Filtration System

Filtration Systems

Care Clear Pro

Acid Neutralizing Filter

Acidic water can be harmfully corrosive to your entire plumbing system. This condition can often be treated with a single acid neutralizing filter. The units monitor and self-adjust their regeneration cycles based on your household’s trend of water consumption.

Taste and Odor Filter

Chlorine and slight sulfur odors can often be removed by a carbon filter unit. However, when sulfur odors are extreme, a chlorination system may be recommended to help increase the life of a carbon unit. In such installations, this series of filters will effectively remove taste and odor associated with chlorine and sulfur.

Particulate Filter

Filter Z is a high quality, granular zeolite media which is produced from a natural mineral that has a high surface area and porosity, making it preferred over conventional sand for the removal of particulates. The surface of this media features microscopic minerals that allow particulate matter to penetrate deeply into the bed.

Ion Pro - Birm & Catalitic Carbon

Beyond Environmentally Friendly

Ion Pro filters are so efficient, they will become the most environmentally friendly water appliance in your home. Once programmed to address your specific water conditions, these systems self adjust to ensure a continual supply of clean water, produced in an environmentally friendly way. The result is better water for your household and all your water using appliances, eliminating unwanted stains, odors and harmful iron deposits.

Beyond Conventional Filtering Dissolved iron and sulfur have proven to be difficult to remove from water. Yet, Ion Pro’s filtering technology handles these problems with ease. The secret is the system’s upper air chamber and unique catalytic media.

The chamber oxidizes the dissolved iron and sulfur using ordinary air. The special catalytic media bed then captures charged contaminants, converting them to solid particulates. The media bed continues to capture and hold particulates until the system regenerates with a backwashing cycle that flushes the media clean.

ProMate-6.0 Storm

Problems In Your Water?

Rust Stains Rotten Egg Odor Iron/Sulfate Reducing Bacteria

Benefits of the ProMate 6 Iron Curtain Jr Storm System
  • Eliminates rust stains in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry; saving you time and money on cleaning
  • Clothing will be brighter, whiter and last longer
  • Water-using appliances and fixtures last longer and stay cleaner
  • Lengthens the life of your water softener and drinking water systems
  • Low maintenance system
  • No chemical feed pumps to maintain
  • Septic system safe
  • Disinfection properties with Ozone (O3)
  • Improves taste
Removes and Reduces
  • Iron bacteria
  • Sulfur
  • Sulfate reducing bacteria > Manganese
  • Organic & musty smell

Iron Curtain

The reason your water can taste, look and smell bad is the incredibly high concentrations of dissolved minerals. You can't see or feel them, but they're there! The Iron Curtain removes these minerals leaving clean, good smelling, good tasting water.

  • Fully assembled, ready for installation.
  • Demand initiated regeneration with variable reserve capacity automatically adjusts to your family’s changing water use and regenerates only as needed.
  • Requires no chemicals or salt for operation or regeneration.
  • Removes dissolved and precipitated iron.
  • Powerful, reliable and user-friendly electronics automatically monitor water-treatment functions including:
    • Days since last regeneration
    • Gallons since last regeneration
    • Gallons reserve capacity
    • Maximum flow rate for the last seven days
    • Current flow rate
    • Total number of regenerations
  • Digital display for time of day and gallons remaining.
  • Permanent memory backup of all programmed settings during power outages with no need for battery backup.