Gibby's Go Fish

Beat the fish to the hook

Play Go Fish with the help of Gibson's Water Care's "Gibby" the Fish.

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How to Play

Quick Play

Click one of your cards to ask Gibby to see if he has that card. If he doesn't he'll tell you to go fish and you will draw from the go fish deck. If you find the card that you requested you get to take another turn. If Gibby has the card you are looking for you also get to take another turn. Once you collect 4 suits for a card you have a complete book. You can win the game by getting more books that Gibby has.


User Hand

Sample cardYour cards are displayed as a collection. Your cards are listed from Ace to King. The highlighted suits are the cards that you have.

  1. This is the Card. (8)
  2. This is the number of suits you have for that card. (1)
  3. These are the suits that you have for this card. (club)
Turn Info

Turn infoThis will tell you turn by turn what is happening. Don't worry if you miss the message that comes up click the (i) icon to see a full list of turns.


A collection of four cards of the same number is called a book. This keeps track of your and Gibby's books. The player with the most books wins the game.

Turns Taken

Game Over

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